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Drawing on years of experience

We have a number of specialist boat suppliers we use whilst bringing our very own unique style and positive approach to your time on the water.

Trust us to deliver for you

Your charter is very important to us.

Versatility is our strength. Listening to  your needs as the host is critical for us to deliver the experience you are looking for.

One Boat or Fleet Racing

Whatever you decide, we undertake to deliver you the best experience — we care! We thoroughly enjoy what we do and it shows in our care for you and your guests. We work hard to stay in front of the game.

Why Choose Us?

Come rain or shine, wind or becalmed we are able to draw on years of experience delivering a quality product that we are proud to put our name to. We guarantee to make the experience the best it possibly could be. We will not promise to deliver the impossible.

  1. individuals

  2. groups parties

  3. stags & hens

  1. big boats

  2. small boats

  3. skippered charters